Jul 20, 2017

99 Problems but a Boat Ain't One

We went back to Lake Livingston this summer
with our same friends from last year's trip.
Crystal's parents have a lake house
so we just show up with gas and good food.
Crystal, Meredith, Me
Jonathan skied a few laps around the cove.
The water was rough, so I only made a short debut on a ski.


Thanks Crystal for a fun weekend at the lake!

Jul 18, 2017


After our trip we were welcomed back to Texas by 100-degree temps.
It is time to melt this summer!
My friend Meg was in town for her baby shower.
She is due in July with her first little one,
so I am sure I will make it to Houston this fall
to meet him.
Meredith, Meg, Me
My friend Rachel at work welcomed
this sweet baby girl, Quinn, to the world.
Quinn Avery, born June 11th
We are living off the land a few weeks
after admitting that I am a food hoarder.
Is everyone like this?  How do I stop the cycle? 
Zucchini pesto sauce, orzo and chickpeas
Orzo, homemade tomato gravy, venison sausage
East Fort worth got a new coffee place, Coffee Folk 
Lavender Latte
Another day on my new bike
and another 18 miles to the annual total.  
I finally opened my Matcha.
I purchased it a while back, but was afraid to make it.
Mixed with almond milk and ice is my favorite. 
Blended with soaked cashews and ice as a smoothie is my next go-to. 
Any other ideas to try?

Jul 16, 2017

Galapagos Islands

We spent over half of our Ecuador trip in the Galapagos Islands.
It is a volcanic archipelago about 5 hours off the coast of mainland Ecuador.
It became famous with Darwin's research in the 1800s
and is still a popular spot for research and preservation.
The full online album for our Quito pictures is here:
but below are a few favorites.
Puerto Aroya on Santa Cruz Island
Turtles at the Darwin Research Center

Our boat on the left - Coral I

SeaWorld views from our boat - 15 dolphins jumping in the wake
Frigates flying over our yacht

Hiking up an uninhabited island

Blue Footed Boobies

Bright Blue Feet
Love that Jonathan is our trip photographer for shots like this
Giant turtles on several of the islands
Giant land tortoises, sea turtles, land iguanas, marine iguanas,
pelicans, boobies, sea lions, and sharks.
The snorkeling/diving in Florida and Caymans still tops my list,
but we still had a good time being on the water for a week.  

Ecuador - The Middle of The World

We headed to South America for our big trip this year.
We spent a few days in mainland Ecuador
and then a week in the islands off the coast.
The full online album for our Quito pictures is here:
but below are a few favorites.
Volcano basin Pululahua
On the equator at 0' 0' 0'
Bus tour of the city
Local entrepreneurs
City vies from the spire at the basilica
Butterfly farm in Mindo Cloud Forest

Humming birds flap their wings 80 times per second!

Yumbo chocolate factory
We missed out on our hiking tour up Cotopaxi
volcano with a 24hr stomach bug we picked up in the islands,
but enjoyed the other sites around Quito and towns nearby.
Galapagos Islands pictures coming next.

May 24, 2017

Lavendar Farm in Gainesville, TX

While mom and dad were in town,
we drove up to Gainesville to a lavender farm.
While it is not Provence,
it was fun to walk around, see beautiful flowers, 
play with small farm animals, and drink lavender tea.

fields won't bloom for a few more weeks