Sep 20, 2017

WWP: Work. Rest. Blend.

This week our Women in the Workplace board
hosted an event discussing biblical reasons for work and rest
and some practical tips on how we
can do both in our own lives.

Mallory sharing on work from Genesis 1-2
Great advice from incredible women in our fellowship
I love this topic!
Such a delicate balance between work fulfillment,
time with friends and family,
and rest for our bodies and minds. 
Thank you to everyone who served and shared
to make this event a success.

Sep 19, 2017

Friends, Shows, Foods

My college friend, Leslie, came into town for the weekend.
We grabbed an afternoon coffee at Brewed,
Dinner at HG Suply Co, and Brunch at Press Café
after walking a few miles on the trinity trail. 
Christ Chapel puts on a musical every other summer.
This year they did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Mallory, Me, Kathy
A few new recipes this month.
Trying to use similar ingredients to cut down on prep time,
but make them taste different so I don't feel like
we are eating leftovers. 
My mom ruined me for leftovers! 
Pineapple Fried Rice from Vegan Huggs
Vegetable Chickpea Curry from The Kitchn

More shows!
Summer is the best for musicals across the city.
Kathy and I got a late start on shows,
but are making up for it in Aug and Sept. 
Grease at FTW Community Arts Center

Sep 18, 2017

August Eats

While Jonathan was in Denver,
I tried out some new food options.
Kale and spinach salad with quinoa
Quinoa, peaches and pecans for breakfast - on a quest for more protein

Wheat pumpkin bread, because it is never too early for pumpkin
First time making boba at home - added to my green tea matcha latte
Bruschetta toast with farmer's market tomatoes and micro green basil

Sep 16, 2017

Meadowbrook School Supply Drive

Our company collected school supplies
to support some kiddos in the district
who were not able to get their own supplies.
Meadowbrook Elementary is challenged with a high student
turnover due to local shelters and un-involved parents.
We are going to partner with them throughout the year
with other ways we can support their efforts.
Love the serving heart of some of our team members!
Meadowbrook Elementary
Bri and I roaming the halls looking for the principal's office

Meadowbrook Middle - because we got lost and went to the wrong school first

We are always looking for ways to be involved
in the community around are distribution center.
Any suggestions throughout the year
besides the obvious Thanksgiving/Christmas opportunities?

Common Ground: Friendship Insight from Ecclesiastes

A few times a year, I have the opportunity
to go into downtown Fort Worth
to teach at a Common Ground,
a non-denominational lunch ministry space
for women working in the city.
Caught mid-sentence
Today I taught about Friendship from Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.
What kind of friend are you?
Do you make the load of life easier to carry for others?
Do you lend a hand? 
Do you accept help?
Do you protect even when it is costly and inconvenient?
So thankful for Godly wisdom in the scriptures and the opportunity
to share that wisdom with others.

Sep 13, 2017

Jonathan's Denver Trip

Jonathan took a long weekend and visited a college friend in Denver.
Waterton Canyon
Chris and a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Jonathan and Cody the furball
Don't you think we need a dog?
Silver Dollar Lake Trail outside of Georgetown
Our friends out there are opening a Barre3 Fitness Studio in Lone Tree,
so Jonathan joined them on Sunday at Breckenridge Brewery
for one of their free promotional classes. 
Jonathan worked the sign-in table, and then took the class.


Sep 12, 2017

July - New Babies, Food, Miles

We had three friends due with little ones in July.
The first showed up July 5th, next July 11th, and the last July 27th.
The rest of the month we did the usual.

Meeting Shepherd Hopper in the hospital

Feeding tired mamas

Shopping with Sarah in the Foundry District

Logging in miles on my bike topped with Whataburger's coffee shake!

Meeting Natalie Houston at Chris and Sarah's House
Shep's first small group with the church ladies
Texas green figs from our neighbor - they are ripe and still this color

Dinner at Eatzi's with Rachel and Shep - channeling my inner Atlanta