Apr 19, 2017

Bush Presidential Library & Museum

We drove to Dallas for a date day. 
We have been wanting to visit the Bush Library on SMU's campus.

Rubble from 9/11 Twin Towers

Oval office replica

George W's art honoring veterans

Apr 18, 2017

Sunrises and Sunsets

Beautiful sunrise on the way to work.
Totally worth taking a sorta-safe picture while driving.

We didn't try new foods this week, but I made a batch of super-sized
cookies to use up some pantry supplies.
Someone gave me a tip to freeze the dough balls
and put them in a pre-heated oven to make sure they keep their height.
Dark chocolate pecan cookies. From Scratch. On a Saturday.
Another 15 miles on the bike logged in for 2017
Saturday night we went to Craftology at the Amon Carter Museum.
They had food trucks, live music, and late gallery night hours.  
 The lawn at Amon has a beautiful view of downtown.
It was so fun to sit out side and eat as the sun dipped down over downtown.

Apr 16, 2017

WWP: Fearless

This past week was our annual Women's Worship Event at church.
Each year our Women in the Workplace board focuses on a specific topic
that is impacting the women in our communities and workplaces.
This year we focused on fear and what we can do as women,
to combat fear in our personal and professional lives.
Trail Mix Bar
Donna, Sarah, and Whitney shared some stories of how they overcome fear
to be a confident woman of God. 
I took home a thought that fear is inevitable,
but if I dig my roots into God, it becomes manageable.
I have loved serving with this ministry at our church.
Connecting women with God, learning about ways to make our professional work holy,
and encouraging women in our city and community has been so rewarding.

Apr 14, 2017

Weekend Cooking and Life this Week

When I was in Tallahassee with my nephews,
we made home made pizza.
It was so good, we gave it a go at home.
I made dough from scratch and forgot it takes 2+ hours to rise,
so we ate dinner pretty late this night.

Question:  What is better than pizza?

Answer:  Pizza and red wine!
I went riding for the first time in a long time.
Think 12 + months long time.
15 miles and although slow, I did pretty well.
I don't think I will ever match my 200 miles a week history,
but we are trying to get out on the road once a week.
Another new recipe this week, Morrocan Chickpeas.
It wasn't as great as the red pepper version from a while back,
but it was different and something new to try. 
Does anyone else's family do this to all the pillows around the house?
I am thankful they are here as opposed to thrown across the room,
but I do not understand the beef against throw pillows.
Throw Pillow Revolt
And the gift that keeps on giving. 
These crazy looking yoga toes were purchased
the week I was home after surgery in December 2007.
They were on a Christmas list suggestion from one of the talk morning shows.
They stretch your toes and make my feet pretty happy.


Mar 31, 2017

Aunt Kis Weekend in Tallahasssee

What a fun weekend with my sister and her family!
I miss those munchkins so much,
so I try to make my time with them fun and intentional.

Friday night Mason and I made a cake and used all the food coloring we could find.

Saturday morning I brought some gifts for the boys.
I gave Mason his own superhero cape a few years ago,
so I had Dillon's made to make him into a superhero.
We also brought some shirts from Colorado.

Capes make you run fast in the house :)
 Mason had Tee Ball practice on Saturday
We rode bikes and played outside on the deck every day. 

Dollar store mustaches for the win. 
Sunday after church we rode bikes around the neighborhood. 
Mason on his power wheels ATV in the yard
This little cutie being a superhero again.

Mason and I repeated a chemistry lesson
and made ice cream in ziplock bags.
Cream, sugar, vanilla, ice, and rock salt. 
Hung out with mom and dad around the house.
Amy and I snuck out of the house during naptime for some shopping.
We made homemade pizzas.
Watched a good movie.
Drank wine.
Watched youtube bloopers.
Filled the deck with bubbles and even more soap trying to make bubbles.

Mar 29, 2017

Greg & Kierra's Wedding

I went to a fun wedding in Dallas this past weekend.
Greg worked at Texas Air Composites a few years ago
and a few of us keep in touch over lunch every few months.
Fun photo booth for the TAC outlaws
With the happy couple
Selfie with Nick and Tina