May 17, 2017

Swiss Ave Home Tour in Dallas

Swiss Ave had their 44th Annual Home tour this Mother's Day weekend.
There are 100 houses and they each get toured every 10 years or so.
My friend Meredith and I toured 8 homes this weekend.
All were built between 1890 - 1920 and the original details are beautiful!
Couldn't you live in one of these?

May 15, 2017

Hunting Work Weekend in Bracketville

Jonathan went back to the border this weekend
to work on hunting stands, explore the land on four wheelers,
and try out his 22-skills on some small animals that are now in my freezer.
Why, Oh Why my freezer?!?!

Loading up tools to work on some stands and feeders


New Stand

Austin and Jonathan
Snake boots

May 11, 2017

Shower for Baby Shepherd

We had a small shower for Rachel's second kiddo on the way.
Shepherd is already so loved and prayed for.

Rachel & Hosts:  Chris, Rachel, Summer, Laura


Grits bar and some other southern foodie choices

Small Group Pic:  Leah, Crystal, Rachel, Kelly, Me, Laura
Pams @ Missi Sweet's Gifts does not disappoint!

May 7, 2017

Imperfectly Brave

Saturday I went to a conference about living a life of prayer and community.
It is a group of ladies from Kansas City who have seen this
transform their lives, communities, and churches, so they are sharing the love.
My friend Rachel led a session on Immanuel Journaling.
If you have not done one before, it is good to get a new perspective.
 They also have a blog with great articles and a weekly devotional from a variety of writers.

Apr 30, 2017

April Catch-Up

Playing catch up so I don't let a full month go by.
Nori wraps to use up all my leftover veggies
My Christmas Cactus blooming Easter weekend
Pulled out the china for Easter Brunch at the house
A group of us from work went to Antique Alley.
Miles and miles of antique stalls and treasures.
Rachel, Tucker, Angie, Denea, Renee, Me

Apr 10, 2017

Bush Presidential Library & Museum

We drove to Dallas for a date day. 
We have been wanting to visit the Bush Library on SMU's campus.

Rubble from 9/11 Twin Towers

Oval office replica

George W's art honoring veterans

Apr 9, 2017

Sunrises and Sunsets

Beautiful sunrise on the way to work.
Totally worth taking a sorta-safe picture while driving.

We didn't try new foods this week, but I made a batch of super-sized
cookies to use up some pantry supplies.
Someone gave me a tip to freeze the dough balls
and put them in a pre-heated oven to make sure they keep their height.
Dark chocolate pecan cookies. From Scratch. On a Saturday.
Another 15 miles on the bike logged in for 2017
Saturday night we went to Craftology at the Amon Carter Museum.
They had food trucks, live music, and late gallery night hours.  
 The lawn at Amon has a beautiful view of downtown.
It was so fun to sit out side and eat as the sun dipped down over downtown.